7th September 2020 Southern Free Beaches Collective - still alive!

We've done stuff...swims, winter solstice skinny dip, naked dinner, and a quizz coming up..... 

8th February 2020: About time this got updated!

 Well it is about time I did some work to update this website. It isn't as though nothing happens. We have had trials and tribulations, namely Quarantine Island not letting us book the house for another weekend island retreat, and lots of fun in the form of naked bike rides, summer solstice swims, new years at Pineglades, swims at the physio pool and other more low key convivial gatherings. More pics and articles will published soon.

Recent Activities


Photo: Daniel Copeland

March 2017...Southern Free Beaches have recently enjoyed another adventure filled stay on Quarantine Island and a lovely warm swim at the physio pool. Full blog post coming. Also check out the is starting to fill up with pictures of the magical south and its naked denizens and visitors.

New Website

Kowhai Heights publishes a draft version of its new website. Stay tuned for more.